Urban Nocturnes is a modular chamber music ensemble made up of six outstanding professional classical musicians, all based in Phoenix, AZ. The group’s aim is to present diverse classical music programming and first rate performances in a manner that appeals to seasoned music-lovers and newcomers alike. Rooted in the belief that live music performance is essential to cultivating and fortifying a city’s cultural landscape, Urban Nocturnes strives to create performance experiences that inspire a sense of vitality and unity.


The ensemble holds an artist-in-residence position at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Phoenix, where they perform a series of chamber music concerts every season and provide musical contributions for a number of the church's liturgical services.  Urban Nocturnes also regularly performs chamber music at various other venues around town and collaborates with other exceptional musicians from the area. Their programming encompasses a wide variety of combinations of their instruments and presents standard works of the classical repertoire, lesser known works, and the music of today’s living composers. It is the group’s sustained objective to devise programs that are aesthetically balanced, thought-provoking, emotionally stirring, and accessible to all. Whether playing in concert halls, churches, living rooms, hospitals, bars, or homeless shelters, the musicians are committed to delivering the highest level of performance and to demonstrating music’s universal power to engage and enliven the mind and soul.